she is ...

a force of Nature.

prius driver

recycler/composter/purchaser of recycled products

cat rescuer

supporter of yellowstone grizzlies and wolves

csa farmer

nyc parks volunteer


i moved to NYS.

Mother nature has never been so spectacular

under construction ... 

please continue to check in for progress

april 2020


Body and soul, captured through the lens

I live and work in NYC.  New York has from first Spring-time breath in Columbus Circle, felt like the place I was meant to be alive.  The energy of New York City is magnetic and intoxicating.  People in this town can be downright helpful in simple, kind manners, and there are always creative and artistic explorations to be discovered.



We're all connected

i quit a full-time job as an ophthalmic scribe to pursue acting, the catalyst being the death of my father in january.  i was reminded to live this life fully, where one feels most alive.  acting is poetry in motion, to me, i think stanislavski might have said something akin.  if i could only bring more poetry to social medias! that is a worthy feat beyond connecting electronically